Trifarm | 2017 June
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June 2017

Alton Water Triathlon – Briefings & Entrants

If you are joining us for the inaugural Alton Water Triathlon on July 8th then feel free to download the race briefing and entrants list here;

Race Day Tomorrow – Final pointers

A few pointers for entrants tomorrow. Please try and arrive at 7am or after to avoid queueing on the road into Trifarm. The marshall briefing is at 6:45 so we wont open gate until that is complete. There is the possibility of a small diversion on the bike route due to a possible road closure.
See you there 🙂

If it is adjusted the bike route will look something like below, about 500m shorter.

Triple Crown Briefing, Bike Routes & Start Waves

Only a few days to go until we see you for our first Triple Crown Race (I know, ironic title after cancelling Race 1!)

As you may have seen on facebook, the lake is warm at present, well above 22 degrees, and so unless it cools significantly expect it to be a non-wetsuit swim.  Bring your wetsuit with you, but dont necessarily expect to be to be using it.

You can view the 18k bike route for Saturday’s race here, to download a gpx click on the second icon down on the right hand side of the justgoride page;

The final briefing document is here

Trifarm Sprint Triathlon briefing final

The start waves and times, subject to last minute entries or withdrawals are here;

Start List & Waves

Trifarm Triple Crown Race: 24th June 2017

On Saturday 24th June the lake will be closed until 11am to allow our sprint race to happen. If you need an early swim you still have time to enter race.

If you can spare 6:45-11 on 24th, we still require another six or so marshalls. Free bacon roll, swim, tea and cake


Windy & Wet Conditions on Site 6/6/17

There is yellow weather warning around strong winds for Boreham today. The team will be getting to site around 4:30 and will assess safety as follows;
• Is it safe to allow you to swim complete laps, i.e. can we get to you quickly and safely in a kayak against the wind and any chop.
• If not, can we safely operate a shortened course up and down to the first corner keeping you close in to the eastern lake edge, with lifeguards at both ends.
• If the short course is not safe to operate then we will be closed for the evening, with apologies to all.
We will update once the team are on site.
Safety first as always.
Ruth & Bill