Trifarm | 2020 March
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March 2020

Deferred Opening

Well here is a non-stunning announcement. Trifarm will not be opening on April 18th. We like to be optimistic so lets assume that the current three week lockdown was enough to see restrictions lifted, it would mean that the 18th/19th would be the first available date for staff training which had been scheduled for April 4th/5th.

We are very keen to open, but will only open when we feel that it is responsible to do so.

So all you Trifarmers keep well and we will update you as soon as we can.

Ruth & Bill

Trifarm and Coronavirus

We are following guidance from official sources in continuing towards the open water swimming season in April. Presently this is as follows;

“There‚Äôs no need to cancel or postpone your events at this time. Reassure your athletes, stakeholders and customers, building on the Public Health England principles. Remain mindful of guidance on infection control. Take sensible steps to discourage individuals work with flu-like symptoms from coming to a club or an event.”

Obviously this advice is under regular review and we understand Swim England and British Triathlon will be re-assessing matters later this week.

Hope to see you from April 18th

Bill & Ruth