Trifarm | 2020 August
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August 2020

Trifarm reopens on 23rd August

Good Morning All

We have the results back from our water tests and we are all clear to reopen. No swimming would require algae levels of 100,000, a warning level is 20000, we got a level of 800 at the edge where the algae was collecting, and 200 in the swim lane. So all very low and safe

To give people some time to book on we will reopen from Sunday at 8:30, To book your swims go to the booking link;

As of next week our weekday evening sessions will start at 5pm and roll through to dusk. You can swim as long as you want, and turn up at anytime but please keep an eye on the sunset time as we will red flag the lake around 15 mins before that so the lake is clear before we lose the light.


Hello all

As is often the case at this time of year when the water is at its warmest and a significant amount of rain falls on the surrounding post-harvest fields, today has seen a bloom of blue green algae emerge on our lake.

We will arrange for a water quality test to take place this week to assess the level of the algae and whether we can allow swimming on the swim course. Until we have those results we need to close the lake as a precaution. Sometimes these blooms are stubborn, sometimes they dissipate quickly.

The risk of blue green algae is one of the reasons we had been careful to only have two weeks open at a time to reduce the number of appointments impacted by any temporary closure. We have taken all remaining sessions down so no-one wastes money booking sessions until we know we can reopen safely.

If you had a booking over the next two weeks you should have had an email or text from us earlier this afternoon.

We should have further news at the end of the week.

Access to Trifarm is open w/c 10th August

Trifarm is open w/c 10/8: Road Closures will not affect access from Hammonds Lane Direction.
All we have had a few questions about the road closure signs. We have already spoken with the highways team doing the works. The area being worked on is up the hill towards Boreham, the road closure will block access to Trifarm from that direction only. You will be able to access Trifarm from Hammonds Lane direction. They expect the works to be done in a day, probably before 3:30 on the Monday so we are unlikely to be affected at all. The 5 day signs are in case they find anything unexpected once they start.
So for week commencing 10/8 just access Trifarm from Jn 18 of A12, the A12/A414 jn, and from the roundabout come up Hammonds Lane, over the humpback bridge and you’ll be at our gate.