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The Altonator Triathlon

Entries now open at:

Standard distance triathlon:

  • 1,500m Swim
  • 40k Ride
  • 10k Run


BTF permit applied for.

You absolutely will not stop!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Alton Water

Holbrook Road


Suffolk IP9 2RY

Lake is closed until April 2016

Morning all, for the avoidance of doubt the lake at Church Lane is closed to swimmers until April 16th 2016. The farm does not carry insurance for anyone swimming on site other than when Trifarm is open, and safety cover is present. Look forward to seeing you all there next season.

Cancelled Swim

Apologies to all but we have to cancel tomorrow’s 10-12 swim. I took a tumble yesterday and tore a few things that mean I am not able to drive for a few days. We will reopen April 16th 2016.

Last swim of the 2015 season!

Hi all, although we only have 10 swimmers confirmed we are going to open for a last swim of the season on Saturday 24th October from 10-12. Trifarm will then be shut until April 16th 2016.

See you there!