Trifarm | Happy New Year – 2019 Update & Opening Hour Changes
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Happy New Year – 2019 Update & Opening Hour Changes

Happy New Year – 2019 Update & Opening Hour Changes

Obviously we had a longer than anticipated break in the run up to Christmas due to our algae overlords and this has given Ruth and I some time to look at bigger picture items at Trifarm.

The first news item is that the much hoped for electricity connection is now not going to happen as it is simply too expensive, costing more than our annual turnover to connect! Trifarm is pretty much going to stay as is.

We are planning to open at Easter over the weekend of 20/21st April.

We cannot sustain a seven day a week operating model as the site barely covers it’s costs as it stands. We are going to close the site on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Otherwise opening hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will remain 5pm-8pm.

Weekend opening will remain as 8:30am-2pm, apart from the weekend of 13th/14th July when the site will be closed to allow us to attend the Latitude festival.