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Lake Reopens Saturday at 8:30am

The lake will reopen on Saturday at 8:30. Levels of algae in the swim lane are a long way below the limits and so we look forward to welcoming you back.

No Swimming 15/16 September

Hi all
Just been at the lake, I can still see some algae on the surface. The light conditions are not great so it is difficult to properly assess. We have a water quality test kit arriving tomorrow and will have results on Friday. I am cautiously hopeful we can open for the weekend, but no swimming Weds/Thurs this week.

Algal Bloom at Trifarm

A bloom of blue green algae emerged overnight and consequently we have cancelled the swim sessions today and tomorrow. We will check again on Tuesday to see if there is an improvement in water quality.

Apologies for the interruption to your normal swimming service!

Lake open – Normal opening at 5pm 1/9

Sunday’s bloom has cleared following a check of the lake this morning. Water looks lovely so we are open as normal from tomorrow at 5pm. Please remember as we go through September the lake will shut slightly earlier each week as we lose the sunlight



Precautionary closure for Algal Bloom, Monday 30/8

Good Morning All

We have seen some blue green algae at Trifarm this morning, and it appears to have spread a little over the morning.

As a result we are going to take our normal precautionary approach and cancel tomorrow’s session to see if the bloom gets bigger or smaller over the next 24 hours.

We are sorry to cancel your swim

Apologies and we hope to have you back soon

Ruth & Bill

June 26/27 – No sessions at Trifarm

Just a note for your diaries that on June 26/27 there will be no sessions at Trifarm as our landlord’s family are hosting a private event that weekend.

Trifarm reopens 29/3

We will be reopening from 29/3 in accordance with the latest government regulations. Bit chillier than normal as we are opening about three weeks earlier than we normally would for the summer, but we know you guys want to have a swim.

Book here;

Bit more detail in the video here;

Trifarm Closed

In accordance with the new lockdown guidance Trifarm will now be closed until restrictions are eased. We understand this will be no earlier than Mid February in the best case scenario. Please check in here, or on our social media for the latest news on reopening.

Trifarm will be open 12/12 assuming Church Lane is open

Hi All
Assuming Church Lane from Boreham side is open then Trifarm will be open tomorrow.

Due to recent flood the water is more muddy as per pic so visibility will be very low.

If you want to rebook to a later date then please do so. Ground is also wet so dont wear your dancing shoes to walk to water!

We will email out if we cant get to site tomorrow morning!