Trifarm | Safety Brief
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Safety Brief

Trifarm Safety Brief

You have to help us to keep you safe.


We want to be sure you are safe a Trifarm, our job begins and ends with your safety. We need you to help us keep you safe and to play your part in keeping the site safe for other Trifarmers as well!

What to expect as a first time Trifarmer!

No need to pre-book, we do inductions anytime during opening hours.


Before your first visit please download and read the safely brief and bring a signed copy with you for our records. Don’t worry if you can’t, we have copies.


Once you have completed your safety brief you can get changed and make your way down to the lake where you will be given a short induction talk – it takes about five minutes!


After the induction talk you will need to complete a short supervised induction swim for us, to show three things:


• You are comfortable swimming in your wetsuit

• You can give the distress sign

• Verbal confirmation from you that you are okay


Once you have completed a lap of the lake we will give you the hallowed Trifarm Green Swimcap. This tells us you are part of the ‘Trifarm family’, you have been inducted, and you can get straight in next time – after you have paid!