Trifarm | Trifarm Pricing for 2020
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Trifarm Pricing for 2020

Trifarm Pricing for 2020

Hi all, this is just a short note to say that for the first time in five years we are going to be raising the price of swimming at Trifarm in 2020. Trifarm has rarely broken even each season since it opened, the minimum wage rate is catching up with us and the wonderful Trifarm team have not had a pay rise for a couple of years, so we have to make a change.

For the 2020 season the prices will rise as follows;

• A single swim will rise by a £1 from £7 to £8
• A 10 swim pass will rise from £60 to £70
• A 2020 season pass will rise from £250 to £300

Existing unused 10 swim pass swims will be honoured in 2020. New 10 swim passes and 2020 season passes can now be purchased in the Trifarm store. We look forward to welcoming you back from April 18th.

See you at the lake!

Bill & Ruth