Trifarm | 2018 August
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August 2018

Lake closed upto and including 3/9

Morning All
We still have algae in the lake at present but the situation looks to be improving. We will not be open this weekend, nor Monday. We will check again on Monday to see if we can reopen on Tuesday next week. We will also be making the call on Monday ref the Swimathon scheduled for Sat 8th Sept.
Fingers crossed and enjoy your weekend off.
Bill & Ruth

Lake closed until 1/9 at earliest

We checked the lake again this morning. There is still a substantial area of dense algae on the windward side of the lake. We will be shut for the next few days. We will next check on the evening of 30th August to see if we can open for next weekend.

Lake closed Fri/Sat, but Trifarm 10k trail run on.

Hi all. The lake still has algae so we will write off today and tomorrow for swimming at least for now.

If you fancy a run Graham’s 10k trail run starts from reception at midday, you can register on the day. We will be there with tea and cake from 11 until 2ish when the race is over. We will check the lake again for Sunday and Monday then.

Have been waylaid most of this week with a bug picked up at the Ely event last weekend I am not keen for others to share my experience. Hopefully joining in the run tomorrow though 🙂

Trifarm closed until at least 24th August

Trifarm will remain closed until until at least Friday when I will check for the bank holiday weekend. Algae is very apparent and very widespread around almost half of the lake. No sign of it having peaked as yet. Another few evenings away from the lake unfortunately.

Lake closed until 20th August

Morning All
The bloom is being stubborn. I was hopeful last night when I popped in, but much worse today. We will be closed this weekend and check the lake again on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend
The Trifarm Team

Algal Bloom – Lake closed 12/13 August

After visiting the lake this morning the algal bloom suspected yesterday is clearly evident around half of the lake edge this morning. The bloom is patchy and thin and so may not be very long lasting, however in the interest of swimmer safety the lake will be closed on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th August. We will inspect again on Tuesday to see if the bloom has dissipated, and update here , facebook, and twitter then.

Possible Blue Green Algae – Sat 11th August

All, looks like our old friend Mr Blue Green Algae may be visiting us. Please do not travel in on Sunday morning until we have updated here as we may be closed. The lake is being checked around 7am. Please watch our facebook and twitter feeds for latest news.

Trifarm Triple Crown Preliminary Overall Top 3

N.B You had to complete all 3 races

1. Mason Burrage 3:18:13
2. Paul Spowage 3:25:34
3. Chris Woolener 3:42:43

1.Roz Cochrane 4:09:07
2. Jennifer Smith 4:27:22
3. Cristina Cooper 4:42:51

Well done all!
If you think I have missed you, let me know at

Cancellation of Raedwald Swim 2018

Good Evening All

I am sorry to say I have had to reluctantly take the decision to cancel the first running of the Raedwald Swim this year.

I have failed to market the event successfully. It is gratifying to have 45 participants signed up, including some good friends in Ipswich and Felixstowe, but the event needs closer to 100 to cover the costs. Whilst Trifarm would have accepted a small loss to get the event going, currently it is looking close to a £4k shortfall which is not something Trifarm can afford to underwrite. I could have waited a week or two more, but I wanted to make the call whilst there is still time for everyone to try and find alternative events. I also did not want to keep suppliers on the hook only to cancel closer to the date.

We will revisit the event for 2019, and try and to do more on the marketing side to get a bit more interest. We had to defer the first running of the Alton Water Triathlon, and now we have just had a very successful second edition of that.

Sorry to disappoint you all, and hopefully see you in the river next year